Spanish life before the civil war and what happened when Spain declared war on itself??

19th century Spain where it all began, Spanish life has been conflict driven ever since they adopted new political methods of running the government. Pre-civil conflict the Spanish government was run under a monarchy, this brought about multiple uprisings and rebel takeovers 1868, queen Isabella was overrun and replaced by king Amandeo who brought the first republican view into the Spanish government. Conflict in Spanish history is all heavily related to political power and new parties attempting to obtain it. In the time leading up to the Spanish civil war the government was run in a democratic way where there were multiple parties and the general public had their vote in who was to be elected. Hence the Spanish civil war was a revolt entirely against this political structure.

Franco Francisco ran the nationalist party that obtained military support to revolt against the currently running democratically elected republican government, represented by Manuel Azaña. This revolt started in 1936 and kick started the Spanish civil war. This war was entirely revolved around the political future of Spain and a disagreement between powerful parties. Franco Francisco want the government of Spain to be run under a dictatorial fascist system underlying him as their leader. Many people believed and followed him for this reason, they also believed he would be a fair, honest leader.

(LIBCOM.ORG, 2018)

(The above picture shows Francisco Franco walking with Hitler.)

When Germany, Portugal, Italy, the Soviet Union, Mexico and France heard the news of this political rebel going rogue they began to choose sides based on their own political system and beliefs.  Franco, Mexico and the Soviet Union supported the republican party and Germany, Italy and Portugal supported the nationalist based on their communistic fascist beliefs. Foreign powers had a strong influence on the result of the Spanish civil war. Taking it from a closed border political disagreement to a bloody 500,000 death war. Commonly stated to be the kickstarted to world war II…



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